Locus Focus creates local interest guides rooted in the community.

Who Lives HereLocus Focus creates local interest guides. Each guide uses content generated by the local community and so can take any form - a leaflet, an app, an audio tour, or even an event. Visit the project pages to see the possibilities.

The guides will tell you about the local attractions, the hidden histories, modern people's perspectives, where to get a cup of tea, where to find a bargain. We don't just feed you information you could Google in a second. Locus Focus is about enriching your sense of place.

Locus Focus focuses on:

... high quality content 
... working with local communities
... working with information experts
... creating guides that can enthrall
... curating the content to create a growing archive

Locus Focus collaborates with:

... local businesses
... community groups
... local technical experts
... local events organisers
... local guides